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Search Help

The search function is provided for users to locate the laptop accessories for his or her needs. This function is able to handle only one search entry at a time. The search function is designed with two distinctive search methods:

1. Search by host computer model number
2. Search by product part number

Search Parameter

The following product categories currently fall under the search parameter:
• Laptop AC adaptor
• Laptop battery
• Laptop DC jack

Every search result may include product(s) from any or all of the above categories.

Although we stock other categories of laptop accessories such as:
• Laptop LCD panel
• Laptop internal optical drive
the host-compatibility data of these products is not well defined. The inclusion of these products in the search parameter will create undesirable confusion, thus we have decided to exclude them from our search parameter.

How to search by host computer model number

Each individual laptop accessory product is designed to work with one or many models of laptop. 

How to search by product part number

The accuracy of the search function

The accuracy of the search function depends on the compatibility information associated with each product which is preloaded onto the website. Although we, Connex Technology, continuously collect, filter and update this information on a daily basis, we still cannot guarantee the information is 100% accurate.

Should you happen to pick up any error or anomaly from the compatibility information presented on our website, please help us to rectify it by notifying us through telephone, email or by speaking directly to one of our friendly salespersons.

We greatly appreciate your assistance and enjoy using our website!


The Connex Technology Team